GEMS Sponsorship Programme

Donations: $3130

Kajal is currently sponsored!

Kajal studies in class 6 and her favourite subjects are science and maths, her favourite colour is pink. Her mother is a housewife and her father is a driver. See … Continue reading

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Sponsor Payal

Payal studies in class 2. She has been with GEMS for four years – since lower kindergarten. Her family is very poor and they do not help her much in … Continue reading

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Sponsor Vanshika

Vanshika studies in lower kindergarten. She comes from a very poor family. She is bright, friendly and seems to love being at school. Her father is handicapped since suffering from … Continue reading

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Renusha is currently supported!

Renusha is a charismatic young girl in class 5 whose favourite subject is science. Outside of school she enjoys playing Kho-Kho. See what Renusha has been up to

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Kajal is currently sponsored!

Kajal is a 10 year old girl in class 4 who lives in a nearby village. Outside of school Kajal helps out around the house, studies very hard and always … Continue reading

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Sponsor Taniya

Taniya studies in class 4. She walks 2 kilometres to school every day. She is very good at English Grammar and would like to be a teacher one day. She … Continue reading

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Sponsor Preeti

Preeti would like to become a doctor one day. She is an excellent student and usually comes first in her class. She loves to play badminton during recess. Find out what … Continue reading

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